The Fleet server should handle that scale without ...
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The Fleet server should handle that scale without too much trouble. What really hurts is the dashboard page (and others) on the front end, which doesn’t use the pagination APIs provided by the backend. Fixing this is a well defined but time consuming problem. It needs a financial sponsor, which I may have lined up and so hopefully will do it soon.
yes, exactly, the problem i have is with the dashboard, specially the Hosts screen, it simply doesn't work for the amount of devices i have enrolled. But the rest works fine and I can run queries without issues
@zwass does the hosted kolide service suffer the same issues currently? Do you have customer running fleets that big there?
@rwx I no longer work for Kolide and that is an entirely different product. @seph is probably best to answer that question.
Hi @rwx! If you’ve got questions about our SaaS offering, please reach out to our support team! The best way to do that is via the intercom chat on our web site.