Hi All, sorry if this had been answered, yet faile...
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Hi All, sorry if this had been answered, yet failed to locate a way so perhaps asking again, is there a way to reset the only kolide DB user as the password seems to have been lost and rebuilding the DB is last option i guess, >kolide->users->username will be the DB path i guess
You can pull the salt from the database and then use
to generate the correct value, and then insert that to the database. See https://github.com/kolide/fleet/blob/06832697d0e6ed6b2ca0220ef5434791db7b0a27/server/kolide/users.go#L160
Thanks, my workaround was pull the password reset request from the DB “password_reset_table” and manually manipulating the URL from the email reset password template , which leads to <server ip/hostname>/login/reset?token=<.Token>
You don’t even have to respect the salt since bcrypt stores the salt in the same string as the hash. Can just generate a bcrypt. That’s how I did it previously.
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