Hi all, I am hopping someone can help me get some ...
# kolide
Hi all, I am hopping someone can help me get some clarity in how to build and deploy launcher
If you have more specific questions, let me know
While you can certainly build launcher, I’m always curious about why organizations decide to build from source instead of using the binaries.
@seph I don’t mind using the already build ones just wondering how the config would work
@sundsta Hi, so i tried that and kept getting
@seph I had played with the launcher in the past and was able to generate a package straight from it with all my configs
but not sure how this one would play out
thanks for any help you can provide me
Launcher’s build needs to be in gopath.
you don’t need to build launcher to use package-builder. But default, package-builder grabs the stable launcher binaries
Not sure if there’s another question in there
You could also find my recent querycon talk about package-builder. Towards the end of it, there’s a screencast of me using it.
@seph that was what was confusing me, if i had to build launcher or not
You don’t!
i just want to build a package with my configs in it and mass deploy
Yeah, package-builder is designed for that.
Feel free to ping me if you run into issues with it
i will