Ohhh that does interest me! Seems like the way to...
# kolide
Ohhh that does interest me! Seems like the way to go. 🙂
metal 1
we use kubernetes exclusively internally, so let us know if you have any particular questions
Awesome, thank you.
Hey @marpaia Sorry to bother you, I'm having issues installing mysql using helm as per the instructions you shared to me. Currently I'm running a fully initialized 4 node cluster (1 node) on bare metal (4c 8t, 32gb RAM each, 7200RPM HDD 1TB) All nodes show as ready. Upon running helm install I'm getting the following error: Error: release fleet-database failed: namespaces "default" is forbidden: User "systemserviceaccountkube-system:default" cannot get resource "namespaces" in API group "" in the namespace "default"
I then created a namespace (verified that it created correctly) and ran it again with a --namespace flag and got the same error.
I got it working, I had to add a service account for tiller, a cluster bind rule to bind tiller to a correct service account and deploy a patch.. I'm very new to K8's... But am very excited to learn!