<@U1EUNPP63> I built launcher from master. This ...
# kolide
@groob I built launcher from master. This makes sense let me do get this compiled asap
sounds good. flag me if anything I’ll folow up
I don't see a tag/branch for stable: https://github.com/kolide/launcher/tree/master
there’s a compiled binary in the zip too if that helps
launcher - version 0.5.0 branch: master revision: 6f697beacb9e530a97376c9eed45c9013564e946 build date: 2018-02-28T192056Z build user: victor go version: go1.10
Turns out that is the one I am using
heh ok
lets look at the server then
do you see any logs in fleet that log launcher connecting?
also would be curious to see the output of
curl -v --http2 <https://fleet.acme.co>
actually that might not do anything.there’s a header there too
redhat 😞 curl is old
does not support http2
here we go
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curl -v --header "Content-Type: application/grpc" --http2
ah. curl from a mac?
or from a recent docker image
that is what I am doing now
somewhat offtopic, but curious what problem you’re looking to solve with launcher, vs just deploying osquery natively
(I usually ask because there’s a few primary reasons people are looking into it)
if curl doesnt help demystify things, i wrote a tiny utility for someone in another issue https://github.com/kolide/fleet/issues/1650#issuecomment-347358980