Hi channel! Is there a k8s Helm chart to deploy t...
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Hi channel! Is there a k8s Helm chart to deploy the OSS Kolide Fleet? if not: any interest in collaborating to create one? I started one here if anyone is interested: https://github.com/gjyoung1974/kolide-fleet-chart It's pretty rough right now but should be able to get it functional next week
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I"m 100% interested. we are starting to use helm in our enviornment with openshift and I've already encountered use cases. I haven't sat down and learned how to use it yet however
sounds good! feel free to fork and make a PR there. If we make this generally useful we can approach the k8s people and request inclusion into the helm charts master repo for sake of posterity
I'd like to make the chart 1. reference the dependency charts (vs including them in the repo) 2. override the default properties/settings for the dependencies like MySQL and Redis (have the properties flow from the kolide-fleet chart) 3. better handling of secrets 4. tune up the security