after deploying kolide-quickstart to heroku is the...
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after deploying kolide-quickstart to heroku is there any steps to get it working or should give me something to see? I’m getting an Application Error after it deploys
Known issue if you do a heroku git pull and make the following change or wait for master to update
I attempted to clone the existing heroku app code
heroku git:clone -a iwoca-kolide-quickstart
but it turned out to be empty. what am I missing?
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Install the Heroku CLI
Download and install the Heroku CLI.

If you haven't already, log in to your Heroku account and follow the prompts to create a new SSH public key.

$ heroku login
Clone the repository
Use Git to clone repo-name source code to your local machine.

$ heroku git:clone -a repo-name
$ cd repo-name
Deploy your changes
Make some changes to the code you just cloned and deploy them to Heroku using Git.

(git clone the remote on <|> to populate)

$ git add .
$ git commit -am "make it better"
$ git push heroku master
The PR has been merged now so delete and recreate the deployment using one click should be good
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