<@U8JKJ3ZPY> can you elaborate on what you mean by...
# kolide
@find.mikeli can you elaborate on what you mean by “does the kolide fleet mailer depend on postfix”? i don’t know of any advanced requirements for the fleet smtp code
@marpaia trying to debug why the emails are silently failing and saw errors in postfix from puppet
the smtp configuration doesnt give errors when i fill in the connect details
however when i send the actual invites to my team they are not receiving them
i tested the smtp endpoint via nc and it works so wondering what else could be causing them to not getting sent 🤷‍♂️
is there a manual way i can rip out the enrollment email link .. maybe from the DB?
good question
let me see
ok, you can do this
let me test something
alright, if you run
select email, token from invites;
in your fleet MySQL,
should be something like
just ${fleet_host}/login/invites/${token}
thanks 🙏
if i figure out whats wrong ill be sure to drop in the info @marpaia see u and team at querycon :)
awesome, sorry that we had to resort to such a jank solution