hey all, saw the ping. happy to help get the PRs r...
# kolide
hey all, saw the ping. happy to help get the PRs rebates/etc is we have a path to land them :)
Hey! Wanted to get your feedback. I was thinking of a few options. 1) the go-kit PR has some feedback from the contributors. Idk what your thoughts/availability is to continue pushing it through code review. I’m pretty active in that space and wouldn’t mind opening a separate PR and driving it to a conclusion. But it’s your PR and I’d only want to do this if you’re too busy, uninterested or don’t care about getting the credit for the contribution :) 2) go-kit is just a bunch of libraries. To land support for twirp as a transport the go package itself doesn’t have to live within that namespace. we can keep your current but working prototype of the transport somewhere in a third party space. Then we can merge the transport options to fleet/launcher and refactor the transport further when the upstream changes are merged/final. This might also be a good option because we’d have some real feedback about usage to create consensus around the APIs. Your PRs in launcher and fleet are good quality code and a lot of folks in the community have expressed interest in having these changes landed. So I’m happy to explore either of the above, or a third option.