Do I have to do anything in particular to get the ...
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Do I have to do anything in particular to get the program list updated? "SELECT * FROM programs" It seems like it's not updating very often
You shouldn't need to do anything special, but seeing updates that match changes on the device really depends on how you're running the query. Is it from the interactive osqueryi? is it running on a schedule? If so, where are the results being sent/recorded, and how often is the query scheduled to run? If you're running the query interactively (via
), the query results should represent a real-time view into the programs installed on the device.
If you meant to get the running process list, the table you want is
select * from processes;
gets the installed applications
When ever the query runs, osquery will fetch the data. Osquery should be thought of as a api translation layer not a storage system.
@blaedj The query is ran about every 15 minutes or so in conjunction with other queires, it's being run as osqueryi -json "SELECT * FROM programs"
@Mike Myers I did mean programs, not processes. Thanks though.
@seph Then I must be running into a bug or something because I updated the chocolatey package on several machines and to confirm, I'm trying to verify it through this query but it's still reporting the old version.
osquery has no caching and is not really a database. This is extra true for osqueryi. Programs is implemented in which looks like it’s probably calling the registry
Aside from that, there’s a whole conversation about repeatedly invoking
vs using osqueryd. But that seems like a distraction just now