# windows

Mike Myers

09/24/2021, 5:59 PM someone did report this last month. The table has to be updated to handle Azure AD. How would a developer set up an Azure AD populated with at least one user and reproduce this?

Mystery Incorporated

09/25/2021, 10:53 AM
@Mike Myers Microsoft offer free 1 month trials of office 365. Office 365 users are Azure AD users by default. Make sure you trial Microsoft 365 E5 so you get Intune license, then you just sign in to a Windows 10 Pro device using your office 365 account
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Once you sign up for free 1 month trial go to and ensure you assign the Microsoft 365 E5 license to your user, you can also create other users while you are there if you want. Then over at you can get to your Azure AD that is created for you when you sign up to Office 365. But really you shouldn't even need to go in there I think.
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