Hello everyone. I'm new, so be patient with me hah...
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Hello everyone. I'm new, so be patient with me haha. When I pass my flags file to the osqueryi command line tool, it seems that some of the variables I set in the file don't get set in osqueryi. I've checked the encoding on the flags file and it is UFT8, so that shouldn't be the issue. Also, I'm having to include the --allow_unsafe parameter on account of osqueryi not having proper permissions (I've looked at it and everything seems to be in order). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Another to check might be the newline encoding, I think Windows uses CRLF
It uses CRLF for newline encoding yes
Is there anything in your flags file which isn't in the ASCII-127 range? There's a pull request (#6190) slated for v4.2.1 for cases where UTF-8 conversion isn't correctly being performed. It might be related to this, but it also might not, as I didn't check if flags file was being properly being read-in in UTF-8.
And looking at your screenshots, everything is in ASCII-127 😄 So problem is something else.