I'm trying to build a custom msi with a flag file,...
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I'm trying to build a custom msi with a flag file, enrollment secret file, no conf file, that starts / enables osquery service. I've gotten the default msi build working on windows 😲 but I'm having trouble digging through docs on build flags to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Is there a doc or something I could refer to or does someone know what sort of flags I would need here? I've currently got this successfully building:
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cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo --target package
To understand your case, you're trying to build osquery-<ver>.msi but add two files (a flag file and an enrollment file) to this osquery-<ver>.msi, as well?
Yes, so like, I want to have a flag file with all my custom flags (replacing
), and add an enrollment secret, that for the sake of example will end up at
ok got it-- let me check
osquery\cmake has a file packaging.cmake which is configuring wix_patches\osquery_wix_patch.xml
the wxs (WiX) files themselves appear to be built by cmake since they're under .b\uild\ but I could be wrong-- these wxs files are under: osquery\build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX
imo, it might be easier to download WiX toolset for visual studio here: https://wixtoolset.org/releases/
then create a new wix project with visual studio under osquery\build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX and add all the wxs files
very cool 🙂