are there plans to support a full `Debug` (not `Re...
# windows
are there plans to support a full
) build on windows? It would be extremely helpful
yeah 😞 We had built this out many moons ago when all of the packages were hosted in S3 as choco packages, but I'm not sure how far away we are from having these types of builds again. @Stefano Bonicatti do you know how much work it'll take to get all of the third party deps building from source so we could realize this? @alessandrogario /ccing you too as I think you're familiar with what's required.
I think the highest priority is to add support for caching the libraries - otherwise the build time on Windows will just skyrocket even more
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Ah very good call.
Many things ended up inside the last milestone so this has been postponed, but I think this should land in the next version
Yeah I second that. Anyway it seems we only miss a couple of libraries, linenoise-ng and libarchive