Hi all. I am trying to calculate the hash of start...
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Hi all. I am trying to calculate the hash of started processes ( getting the path of the started process and hashing the binary). I am using a separate thread and using the
object to run the query
select sha256 from hash where path = '<path>';
to get the hash. I get loads of
DBManager contention: opening transient SQLite database
. Is that a bad thing ? is there a more correct way of doing what I am trying to do?
Hey! That’s not a terrible thing and is not an error but indicates a situation where the performance can be improved.
Do you mind creating a GitHub issue describing the details of what is happening? We can follow up and investigate/improve there
Thank you. I think I found a workaround. I still get those logs but related to another query.
The workaround consist of getting a
from the
of the Hash table, downcast to
and call the
generate(QueryContext &)
method on that object. It seems it is working ok. Any thoughts on this solution?
My recommendation is to avoid using the table's abstraction around hashing. Instead you can use the hashing libraries in osquery, which wrap OpenSSL. They should be easy to use, you can look at the internals of the
table for a reference.
oh ok. the thing is I need exactly the behaviour the
is having ( calc. md5 sha1 sha256 for path/dir) querying the table
, but I need to do it programmatically and asynchronously. I thought that was the best way to avoid repeating myself. Is there a way of populating a table without calling the corresponding Plugin? As you can see I am not full aware of the code in osquery..
also can you elaborate on your recommendation so I can understand a bit better what is going on?