Hi All, new to this. I followed this document to c...
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Hi All, new to this. I followed this document to create osquery python extensions. https://github.com/osquery/osquery-python this works in linux but when i try to do it in windows it just fails to register the extension. Im not sure what i did wrong, since the only error i receive is " Cannot create extension process: test2.py". I have changed the file permissions as per osquery documentation and also ran osqueryi in --allow_unsafe mode (for the time being). Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
(I think this question was asked in two places) so for posterity, I think the issue is that osquery is also checking the directory permissions. osquery wants to make sure the file cannot be deleted and recreated by an unprivileged user
@theopolis whats the correct permission? i ran the commands listed on osquery documentation. i also tried granting inheritance and full control from the parent directory but all does not work
https://osquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/deployment/extensions/ Extensions Binary Permissions
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icacls .\Extensions /setowner Administrators /t
icacls .\Extensions /grant Administrators:f /t
icacls .\Extensions /inheritance:r /t
icacls .\Extensions /inheritance:d /t