This is a test tbh to see how wel logging of osque...
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This is a test tbh to see how wel logging of osquery looks at scale. We write to file and ingest from there typically, we are evaluating the wel logger now to streamline our pipelines.
But when I use the
Log Name
above to subscribe to the events I am not able to subscribe. nxlog and winlogbeat are unable to locate the logs with that identifier
Sorry for the repeated deletes I had to blackout part of the image
hmm.. I have idea.
Care to share? I can’t find any combo that will allow me to subscribe to the osquery wel channel
Ok after trial and error if you subscribe to
as your provider/channel you can read the WEL osquery channel.
I am trying to see why I am missing the contents of the message field. All I am getting in the message field atm is
and the rest of the json isn’t being read. But that is likely my parser