`choco install osquery --version="2.9.0"` works fi...
# windows
choco install osquery --version="2.9.0"
works fine and permissions are good, but upgrading puts it back to that broken state
do you have the necessary dependencies downloaded? sometimes that causes an issue
There aren't any dependencies. It looks like the file perms in server 2k12 aren't allowing us to install normally. I'm betting this is something to do with more strict ACLs on
i have the same problem on 2008r2 fwiw
didn’t test on 2016, my little macbook can’t handle that many vms 😄
it looks like there was a big refactor for 2.9.1 which broke this
@samuel are you working on a fix? If not I can take a look tonight or tomorrow
I’m not at this point, as the difference between the server and client ACLs is a bit confusing to me as most of my windows knowledge has been archived to samazon glacier
I’ll open an issue at least
And for my sanity validated that it’s working fine on a windows 10 vm
it’s not an issue on 2016