Hrm, interesting. That would be pretty nice - I've...
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Hrm, interesting. That would be pretty nice - I've been wanting process process auditing, FIM, and socket events on Windows for a while now but just have never had the time. Any thought put towards building out the native publishers via the Windows APIs? I think there's some libraries that'll support doing various eventing with the native Win32 APIs
Can be done, to some extent, using the native Win32 APIs but would lack the granularity the kernel callbacks can provide. And you probably will not get file_access events with native APIs. So the idea was to see if we could build it with an extension first and achieve the _events feature parity on windows. Still struggling to understand all the DataBase APIs for an extension 🙂
In particular, can you help with what is this code supposed to do in the sample extension?
std::string content; setDatabaseValue(kPersistentSettings, "complex_example", "1"); if (getDatabaseValue(kPersistentSettings, "complex_example", content)) { r["database_test"] = content; }
Am i right in interpreting that 'content' will always be "1"? Is it just to demo the set/getDataBase API usage from an extension?