Thanks <@U7DT2E8B0> — I hadn’t seen that, I’d love...
# officehours
Thanks @Mike Myers — I hadn’t seen that, I’d love (I’m at the Linux Foundation) to get a use case discussion with someone from your TSC
Hello @Tim F.! Do you happen to have something like Calendly that we can use to book for a meeting?
sure, here it is:
I have been taking a quick look at it, through the link in the document:;tab=references
It is hard to understand how well it works right now since there was no indexing database generated for this project and code navigation is kind of broken and slow as it defaults to text search
It seems like it shouldn't be too hard to create the database according to since we have a really good build system that can easily accomodate for that
it could be really interesting to try this out again once the database has been properly generated
We can use the hosted version
as part of the POC
maybe we do it with just you, me and sourcegraph to hone in on a key set of ue caess which we bring up in office hours