is there a ticket for it?
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is there a ticket for it?
Not a dedicated one AFAIK, but here's the latest comment on the issue:
Seems like the problem here is just how bad the generated cpp code is for Thrift
There used to be a compile-time definition that we didn't port from the old build system named THRIFT_SQUELCH_CONSOLE_OUTPUT; when present, it will automatically hide errors
we could try to upgrade Thrift to the latest version, re-generate the code and see if it has been improved
we were thinking of either adding back THRIFT_SQUELCH_CONSOLE_OUTPUT or keep it as it is but add a new osquery flag (something like --verbose_thrift)
honestly, given how bad it is I am not sure how useful it is to have a flag to toggle it
It would be nice to drop it and move to something else, but I can see it won't be that easy
I briefly looked at fbthrift which seems way more maintained but it has huge dependencies
Apache Thrift is a mess for sure. We found tons of race conditions in the Go libraries.
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We could take a look and see whether there is an opportunity in the future to migrate to something else, maybe supporting both the old and new communication methods for some time
I've taken a look at grpc some time ago since it seemed to be really popular, and was really disappointed with the C++ SDK due to its low quality
Thanks! I’ll take a look maybe this weekend.
Sorry-- haven't had a chance to look at this yet. :(