<@U91N0CA2H> is there a link to the issues that ma...
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@fmanco is there a link to the issues that make windows “broken”?
I have little context tbh, cc @thor who knows more. But here's an example of a PR Nick wants to land https://github.com/facebook/osquery/pull/5421
@groob that PR is the biggest one. The other way in which I see windows as "broken" is the processes table re-write. We're really close to land I just have a few more nits I need to address and we should be good. The reason this is important is the watcher process uses the shit out of the prcoesses table, which causes a lot of strain on the system in it's current state due to the heavy use of WMI
Once those two PRs land I think we'll be in a really good state on windows, and we'll cut a feature release branch for windows as 3.3.3 or somethign
My apologies for not being in office hours, I had a conflict internally that I couldn't miss
ah i remember some related chat about this in #windows
no worries 🙂