this should work...but my first problem still rema...
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this should work...but my first problem still remains....I am on another VM and I see that a orphan osqueryd(started by service) is holding db LOCK file..and since my extension could not connect to osquery it try to restart osquery using
. but the new osqueryd cannot get the LOCK since it is held by the zombie osqueryd...if I kill the zombie process I see that the LOCK file still exist...this is the problem I am trying to solve.
When you say orphan osqueryd, is it still running? Why is it a zombie?
so I saw in the
process explorer
that it does not have a parent
our install and uninstall for osquery is customized and I suspect that the install is not cleaning up the old install a zombie osquery is still hanging to the resources(osquery.em and LOCK for db)..but killing the zombie process does not release the resources
Your extension is starting osquery
What do you mean 'zombie' osquery? In windows (and most OSes I guess) when a user mode process dies, all the open handles are released..what makes you think your zombie osquery is keeping a handle open?
osquery is a system process and it is run by service for the first time....
I see that the orphan(zombie) process is holding osquery.em and LOCK file(I can see it in process explorer)
the extension starts it only if it is not able to connect to osqueryd
this is to avoid the state where osquery is stuck and there is not communication between the extension and osquery
I see...we do something similar but thru an outside monitoring service because we auto-load our extension
ohh I see...can this scenario be possible in weaker VMs where windows does not release resources fast and as a result if your installer does not wait for the things to clean up the osquery can end up in this state?