hello all, I’m trying to update to the 4.0.10 vers...
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hello all, I’m trying to update to the 4.0.10 version using an AWS Secret Key for
, if I type the value as string, it will run properly, however if I try to retrieve the password from the secret key, it will not work and the DB connection will be denied… is there any specific value type that I should be placing in this variable?
Fleet expects the password to be a string in this environment variable. Perhaps you need to modify your syntax for getting the secret into the env var?
thank you @zwass, I’m totally new to this, by chance could you share any documentation on how to check the syntax sent to the env var?
Perhaps it's helpful to look at how we use the secret in the reference terraform? https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/blob/main/tools/terraform/ecs.tf#L158-L161
thanks a lot, Zwass… this definitively helps 👌
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Hi @zwass, is me again … so I was able to troubleshoot the secret key issue, but now when I try to deploy the new version, it returns the following message, I’ve even added the variable mentioned there
do u know if there is a way to prepare de db using env variables? right now my code is as follows
No, you need to run the
prepare db
command to run the migrations.
thank you