Another question that can help me a lot during the...
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Another question that can help me a lot during the debug phase. I would like to put a breakpoint like I’m used to do in spring java near in the api controller. In this way I can start to debug the server from the “catch” of the api called and I can proceed step by step into the services and stuff like that. is there a similar point in the code where I can put the breakpoint and debug the code in a similar way? Thank you for your attention
Hi Bacarus, Fleet is written in Go. We're used to use delve to debug Fleet during development/testing/troubleshooting.
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Hi Luca, thank you for your response. I also use delve but I didn’t find where I could catch the api call. However I’ve just figured out how to do that! In the service/handler.go there is the list of the rest api and the method that will handle that specific call
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