The only two windows hosts I have enrolled are not...
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The only two windows hosts I have enrolled are not responding to custom queries (even the basic SELECT * FROM osquery_info) - Seems to be stuck at : Fleet is talking to your hosts, (0% responded). However, I am able to fetch fresh vitals within a couple of seconds for both hosts. Any ideas on what could be wrong here? Posted in #general
@Kathy Satterlee Seen this one before?
Whoops, and cc @Amith so you see replies
Have you checked Fleet successfully connects to Redis? (Live/custom queries need/use Redis.) You can check this via the
curl https://<your_fleet_address>/healthz
(there should also be an error message on the live query page if the redis connection fails)
Second thing to check would be websocket connections (live queries use websockets)
I think websockets are a good guess. Can you open your browser devtools and see if there is any error?
@Lucas Rodriguez Health check endpoint gave a 200, it seems like websocket errors on Chrome was the culprit and issue seems to be intermittent now. I'm able to run queries smoothly on Firefox, so I will be using this from now on. Thanks for the help!
@Amith Just curious: were you deployed over wss://? If so, then I'm wondering if it could have been coincidence (maybe the Fleet server was down) If you see this issue again, in Chrome or otherwise, could you create a bug? 🙇
@Amith How'd it go?