Hi Everyone, I recently inherited a Kolide Fleet i...
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Hi Everyone, I recently inherited a Kolide Fleet instance, and am new to the product. I've been running into an issue with starting up the Kolide web server. I believe I gotten it down to an issue with the mysql database. Currently, when i try to run the command
fleet serve
I get hit with the following error
mysql="could not connect to db: Error 1045: Access denied for user 'kolide@localhost' (using password: YES)
How could I go about trouble shooting the kolide user?
Hi @bdun! How is your Fleet configuration set up? Environmental variables/Command-line flags/config file...
@Kathy Satterlee I know that the mysql db and kolide are both installed on the same localhost. Im currently trying to figure out alot of the configuration myself, so I'm afraid im not too much help.
@Kathy Satterlee I was able to successfully run the
fleet prepare db
command just now. Next I ran
fleet serve
and got hit with this
Try running
fleet serve --auth_jwt_key=<that random value in the error>
Since you aren't passing anything along with
fleet serve
, your configuration values would be pulled in from environmental variables.
Thanks @Kathy Satterlee. Here's the output of that command. Any next steps? Maybe setting the address correctly?
What version of Fleet are you running?
Im currently running fleet version 2.3.0
Also I really appreciate the help!
Gotcha. At first blush, it sounds like your configuration might not be applying properly. I'm not entirely positive whether environmental variables are supported in that legacy version of Fleet. Try running Fleet with all of the flags:
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fleet serve \
  --mysql_address= \
  --mysql_database=kolide \
  --mysql_username=root \
  --mysql_password=toor \
  --redis_address= \
  --server_cert=/tmp/server.cert \
  --server_key=/tmp/server.key \
  --auth_jwt_key=<that random value in the error>
That being said. this version of Fleet is no longer supported and I'd really recommend upgrading to the latest version (or at least the current major version). https://fleetdm.com/docs/deploying/upgrading-fleet
@bdun is there possibly some shell history in your machine where you could see how the
command was run previously? Ideally you would figure out the configs and then update to a newer supported version of Fleet.
@zwass Great idea! I found a previous entry that had the key and cert located in different directories. I ran that and made some progress. However, I had to add a forced recovery flag into the mysql config, and fleet doesnt like to be run when the innodc_forced_recovery variable is set. I'm hoping the database isnt corrupted at this point 🙃
fwiw we aren't mysql experts but I'd highly recommend running a DB dump before proceeding any further
yeah, I know the mysql world is way different. However, I really appreciate the support