Hi All, I’ve been able to get Kolide’s Launcher an...
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Hi All, I’ve been able to get Kolide’s Launcher and OSQuery ( for Security Onion) to load on a few Synology NAS units. Unsurprisingly the info is a bit sparse, with no reported operating system, limited hardware specs and serial number reported as ‘12345678’ My question is - are there any easy ways to get this data filled in? I don’t want to spend much more time on it, what I have will do for now…
This isn’t really kolide, per se…. Anyhow, I think this is a function of what the underlying hardware and operating system expose. Osquery reads the serial number from the bios. But a lot of manufacturers don’t populate this. So if you’re looking at whitebox machines, and various, you’ll see a lot of garbage there. Whether the data can be collected and where is always a research project. I’m not familiar enough with synology to know if the data is exposed anywhere
Thanks for the answer @seph - yes it’s all a bit ‘edge case’ but Home Assistant gets all this data, so I’ll look into how they get it. Easy to get stuck in the weeds miles from my goal, so I’ll return to this later. Thanks again!