Hello team! I just upgraded from version 4.26 to 4...
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Hello team! I just upgraded from version 4.26 to 4.27 and so far everything is running fine, thanks for the great work! However, I have a small problem: I can no longer view my query packs previously created via the dashboard because the Schedule page no longer has the
button, I can only consult them through fleetctl. Should I migrate them to the new scheduled queries format?
Hi @Saulo Guilhermino. We’re making some changes to the way Fleet handles groups and schedules for queries. Packs are still there, just in the background. You’ve already found them in
, and you can also manage them with the REST API. You can go ahead and convert if you’d like, but there will be much more noise if packs are fully deprecated. We’re also working on some tooling to make that process easier :)
Oh great! I'll wait for the tooling then, thank you very much Kathy!
@Kathy Satterlee any update on the above? I'd love to see some details about the scheduled queries and packs in the Fleet UI, specifically if a query is a snapshot or not. I don't see info regarding snapshot status in
fleetctl get packs
fleetctl get queries
or anywhere in the UI.
I can't see anything about scheduled queries in the UI which is a little concerning