Hi all - looking further into Agent Options today ...
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Hi all - looking further into Agent Options today - is there an option in which to customize the command_line_flags per operating system? For example, we'd have to configure a different
location for Windows/Nix operating systems.
Hi again! Glad you’re digging in :) There isn’t a way to apply platform-specific flags currently using Orbit. With Fleet Premium, you do have the ability to set apply different agent options to your teams. That being said, what differences in flags would you be likely to apply? Maybe there’s another workaround that could do the trick.
Let me see what the team has in mind - I have an idea of what they're thinking but I'll get the straight answer.
The one in particular they mentioned is `--tls_server_certs=`/var/osquery/<certificate>.pem - we would need a Windows path/Linux/OSX path
For that, you can bundle the certificate when you generate the package using
. No need to manage that value with osquery flags! You can also pass a flag file when generating the package with
--osquery-flagfile [/path/to/osquery.flags]
Awesome, thanks Kathy! Makes total sense.
One other question - so we'll need to add in a Zscaler cert to the package alongside our server cert for essentially proxy functionality. What would be the best way to add that to the package?