# fleet


02/24/2023, 12:39 PM
guys i am having huge trouble deleting and updating the fleet in windows. So i developed a powershell script which deletes the whole thing because updating is throwing err on alot of machines but that powershell when run on machine directly as admin works fine and deletes the whole thing but if i push it by centralised tooling then it dosent do the job (that also has admin and install everything on machines) what do i do 😐 i am doing a clean install because many of my windows host stop reporting to fleet server and this is becoming painfull

Kathy Satterlee

02/24/2023, 3:42 PM
It definitely sounds like there may be some weird permissions issues with your software orchestration tool. When it’s installing Orbit on the hosts, is it doing that as admin?
Are you seeing any errors when it’s attempting to uninstall?