Hello - Anyone know how can I retrieve history of ...
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Hello - Anyone know how can I retrieve history of the queries ran by a user via API. I can retrieve saved queries just fine from
but when someone just runs a query and doesn't saves it.
Hi @Setu Bhatt! Recent versions of Fleet include this information in the activity feed.
I'll update the exampke response in the docs.
This is what that looks like now:
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            "created_at": "2023-03-02T20:29:18Z",
            "id": 6391,
            "actor_full_name": "r",
            "actor_id": 135,
            "actor_gravatar": "",
            "actor_email": "",
            "type": "live_query",
            "details": {
                "query_sql": "SELECT * FROM managed_policies;",
                "query_name": "Get macOS settings ",
                "targets_count": 35
Thanks @Kathy Satterlee So I guess
"type": "live_query"
will show a list of all the queries ran(without saving the query) by any user who has access to fleet
Every live query will generate one of the entries above.
Ok got it. So if I run api call today then I should be able to see a list of all queries executed by users from yesterday
I am trying to see how a security analyst can track activity of users running queries in fleet if the query is not saved
That would be the way to do it 🙂
With Fleet Premium, you also have the option to set up a logging destination for audit logs: https://fleetdm.com/docs/using-fleet/audit-activities
Sweet. We are currently running version 3.13.0 of fleet. Do you have recommendations on which version we should upgrade to?
I'm always going to recommend the most recent version, which is 4.28.0
Good to know.
Thanks for the information
Hi @Kathy Satterlee We are currently running Fleet 3.13.0 and I tried to query
and I am seeing "404 page not found" in return. Is it expected as we are on older version of Fleet and "`"/api/v1/fleet/activities"`" was not supported on 3.13.0?
Yes, the activity feed was introduced in Fleet v 4.1.0
That makes sense @Kathy Satterlee Thanks for the verification.
cc @Antony Rivera
No problem. If you would like to get Fleet up-to-date, the release articles have a lot of great information about new and improved features. You're also welcome to ask if you have any questions :)
That sounds good. Will do that 🙂