Hello - whats is the default endpoint url that the...
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Hello - whats is the default endpoint url that the fleetdm agents use to communicate with our internal server is it https://nameofyourserver.com/api/v1/hosts? Trying to put the https://nameofyourserver.com/login page behind an IP address range….. might also be better if I could get this automatically to route via OKTA once this hits the https://nameofyourserver.com/login or https://nameofyourserver.com
I believe the login page is actually queried as https://nameofyourserver.com/api/latest/fleet/login I wondering if the host with Orbit(fleetdm agent) hit this link to communicate with he server https://nameofyourserver.com/api/latest/fleet/login or https://nameofyourserver.com/api/(another-path-specified)
Hey @frederick ferby! Here's a list of all of the endpoints you'll need to expose: https://fleetdm.com/docs/deploying/faq#what-api-endpoints-should-i-expose-to-the-public-internet
This is helpful, thanks a lot