Hey friends! I received a nice call from digicert ...
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Hey friends! I received a nice call from digicert that my authenticode code signing certificate is going to expire in about 20 some odd days. I hadn't planned on renewing this cert, as it's ~$500 and I don't think work will expense it for me any longer. Did we have any plans on the future of the signing certificate?
We definitely have budget to buy one for the osquery org. Are we still signing releases with your cert?
Yeah, but once we have a new cert it's easy enough to replace it out
I bet @seph will have thoughts on this. I'm happy to do the purchasing and ask for reimbursement from the org. Let's get some consensus and then we can move forward.
I never manager to get osquery an issued cert, because they kept being fussy about whether or not we were a real entity.
Might be worth having someone pick that up
Yea we should put this on the office hours agenda. Who is "they" that is fussy? We can get a certificate issued many CAs, right?