Hi, I'm interested working on this issue: <https:/...
# core
Hi, I'm interested working on this issue: https://github.com/osquery/osquery/issues/7463. I'm wondering If it's a way fetching the data from other way in order to support more distributions. I found that i can execute the following command line: "lldpctl -f xml". The output of this command is backward/forward-compatibility and the information is enough to generate 'lldp_neighbors'. I'm wondering if it's right/valid to generate table with this way?
At least in the core osquery, shelling out isn’t a good option. It has a bunch of hard top diagnose failure modes. (Extensions shell out a lot though)
So I think wrapping
lldpctl -f xml
isn’t a great table option (for core) Not sure if there’s a better maintained library to use