Did the debian repo get rolled back from 5.1? Beca...
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Did the debian repo get rolled back from 5.1? Because I have a bunch of ubuntu hosts on 5.1 and others on 5.0.1 and it seems that 5.0.1 is latest on debian repo?
Interesting, we'll check out the logs on our end; we don't update that repo manually, there's a procedure that will sign our packages from a verified public tag and then update the repository
The packages that we can see on the repo are:
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The raw packages are there, at least
I can confirm that the DEB repo is working fine
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# apt search osquery
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
osquery/deb 5.1.0-1.linux amd64
  osquery is an operating system instrumentation toolchain.

osquery-dbg/deb 4.0.2-1.linux amd64
  osquery is an operating system instrumentation toolchain.

osquery-dbgsym/deb 5.1.0-1.linux amd64
And just to clarify, there's only one repo for both Ubuntu and Debian
That's really strange, if say I do
sudo apt install osquery
the response is:
osquery is already the newest version (5.0.1-1.linux).
How can that be? Of course I do sudo apt update to refresh the package list first
The repo it is targeting is
Hit:6 <https://pkg.osquery.io/deb> deb InRelease
can you maybe see if it was locked?
google tells me it's
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sudo apt-mark showhold
or dpkg --get-selections and some grep
Also, worth checking
Oh I'm on arm64 when I cat /var/lib/apt/lists/pkg.osquery.io_deb_dists_deb_InRelease I see a lot of amd64 packages is that my issue?
I can see
e06b4237c43ceea31d98578272460bab 16016342 .refs/main/osquery_5.1.0-1.linux_arm64.deb
in that file actually
That file being
What about the Packages one? There should be an equivalent for arm64
I think that might be my problem? It looks like it only has the file for amd64?
hum indeed
You might want to check how the repo has been defined in
ok I'll need to change the arch from this I imagine
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64] <https://pkg.osquery.io/deb> deb main'
Yep that fixed it thanks for the help guys
I must have missed changing the arch type when adding the repo on a few hosts