Lee Segal

09/27/2022, 5:14 PM
Hey Everyone! Im currently struggling to get file_events or process_events working. I used orbit to install osquery on an ubuntu box. Added in the flag file the following: --disable_events=false --disable_audit=false --enable_file_events=true --audit_allow_apparmor_events=true --audit_allow_config=true --audit_allow_fim_events=true --audit_allow_process_events=true --audit_allow_seccomp_events --audit_allow_selinux_events=true --audit_allow_socket_events=true --audit_allow_sockets=true --audit_allow_user_events=true --verbose Updated the config file to follow desired paths for testing: file_paths: etc: - /etc/%% tmp: - /tmp/%% homes: - /root/.ssh/%% But still I cant get file_events or process_events to return anything. Any advice on what im doing wrong?

Keith Swagler

09/28/2022, 2:25 PM
You may want to try eBPF events instead. But if you really need audit events you can check the Troubleshooting on this page.