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@zwass @mikermcneil Hey guys. Not sure if this is the best place to discuss this with the core team. I recently noticed that FleetDM is mirroring many of the conversations happening in this Slack on your website. https://osquery.fleetdm.com/t/2679/hi-i-am-trying-to-get-the-values-associated-to-a-windows-reg I have a problem with this because it’s taking content that you have no ownership of (including content written by me and my employees) and placing it on your webpages which have clear CTAs to try your product. I don’t mind things I say and contribute here being used to help and promote the osquery project itself, but I take issue with it being used on your domain and branding. I think that this Slack archiving capability is a great idea that will absolutely help the community, but I would be much more comfortable with it living on osquery.io not on fleetdm.com. It would be great if you guys could work with the right folks and host it on osquery.io and with osquery branding, but if you don’t have the time to do that, then I insist you take it down as soon as possible.