Thanks for raising this <@U1BEEMRU2>. For myself, ...
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Thanks for raising this @terracatta. For myself, and maybe for the core team, I feel uncomfortable with slack archives there. I recognize the value in archives, but it does feel weird in the fleet branding.
Hi Seph and Jason, thanks for pointing out that this feels weird. Makes sense. I was the person who made the decision to take the archived contents of the (public) osquery Slack workspace and make it available for search engines. The goal was to make it easier for people to learn about osquery, and the easiest way to get it live was by quickly configuring a subdomain and hosting using a tool called Linen, developed by an open source company called Papercups, who set it up for us using the logo and URL they found on I think this is a useful resource to keep online, since it makes osquery more accessible to everyone, and it takes the useful content in this Slack workspace out from behind Salesforce's login screen. I'd be happy to see it live on with updated branding, and Fleet would be happy to continue paying to host it. Zach Wasserman and other folks on Fleet's team are traveling this week, with some folks in from out of country, but if someone can point me in the direction of where's DNS is hosted, I'd be happy to make this change ASAP. (@Kam FYI re: logo and links)
Thanks Mike I really appreciate it. I agree it will be a good resource and Kolide is also happy to sponsor it as well if it becomes a financial burden
Thank you Mike. I agree there’s value, and I think really awesome to see it continue.
Let me look into DNS. That’s probably under me somewhere
@mikermcneil Yes, found it. Do you know what it should be set to? I don’t have strong feelings about
. Happy to add a record when you know.
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$ host <|>
<|> has address
Happy to change the name, etc. Thank you so much
Looks like it probably needs some additional config on the application side to recognize the hostname or something?
@Kam Ok great! Forgot you'd added a dashboard to change it now. I'll follow up separately to grab our login from you.
I'm the author of btw. To get the best result out of and have Google index it more make sure you add backlinks from both github and Also sharing the links in multiple places is really helpful for SEO like linkedin and twitter. Kotlin for example add it to their main landing page as the entrance to Slack. The difference between communities that backlink and share typically is around 5,000 results on google.
Neat to have you here! looks really clean. Thank you for the SEO suggestions, I’ll see about implementing them
Catching up on messages - I recently noticed this as well. Just wanted to mention that I appreciate the civil discourse & quick action from all parties on this.
Is it possible to change the default slack channel? Right now it seems to land in #infrastructure. #general would make more sense.
Thank you for pointing that out @seph I've gone ahead and updated this 👾
Nice! Thank you so much