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@Madhur Jodhwani normally osquery expect to run as root. If you're not running it as root keep in mind that many tables may not show data/work correctly. That been said you can also tell it where you want to create the pidfile with
how do i run osqueryd after building it on mac,I mean I get it that I am unable to run it as root but then how to get it done or how to build it as root?
I'm not sure what you mean with "build it as root". I'm referring to running it as root; I assumed that it was intentional to run it as a normal user. If not, you can use
from the terminal to run it as root
I ran osqueryd as root and it gave this error
E0722 23:47:56.249691 250744832 shutdown.cpp:75] [Ref #1382] osqueryd has unsafe permissions: /Users/mj/Desktop/osquery/build/osquery/osqueryd
to the command line when launching osquery. Normally when deployed osquery expects to be contained in a folder where only root has write access
then it gave this error
E0723 01:00:39.768704 376421888 shutdown.cpp:75] Cannot activate filesystem logger plugin: Could not create file: /var/log/osquery/osqueryd.results.log
E0723 01:00:42.686159 39362560 shutdown.cpp:75] Worker returned exit status
I ran it with sudo
Ah sorry, that’s because by default osquery tries to log there and I suppose you don’t have that path, so you would have to tell it to user another one that exists (or create that one, the folders are enough). You can specify a different path with
. The path in this case is of the folder where you want to put the logs.
still facing the errors,this is what I faced through build osqueryd run and installed osqueryd run(both attempted to run through sudo)
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I0723 17:01:56.780879 307543552 eventfactory.cpp:156] Event publisher not enabled: endpointsecurity: EndpointSecurity is disabled via configuration
I0723 17:01:56.781905 307543552 eventfactory.cpp:156] Event publisher not enabled: openbsm: Publisher disabled via configuration
I0723 17:01:56.781971 307543552 eventfactory.cpp:156] Event publisher not enabled: scnetwork: Publisher not used
I0723 17:01:56.782012 307543552 eventfactory.cpp:156] Event publisher not enabled: event_tapping: Publisher disabled via configuration
this is the error
They are not really blocking errors, they would be prefixed with
. They are just informing you that those event publishers are not enabled.
but osqueryd is running?
If you don't get back the terminal prompt, osquery is indeed running.
but then I will have to keep this terminal running all the time na
how to run it through osqueryctl start script?
osqueryctl is meant to be used when osquery is properly deployed on a system, via packages.
May I ask what your objective? Because normally running osquery from the build folder is done for development purposes/or quickly trying things, so keeping a terminal tab open is fine. Or you can even run it in background mode, redirecting all output in
For a proper deployment I would suggest build the package and installing it, so that then the systemd service is available
and osquery can be started/stopped as a service
actually sorry, systemd doesn't matter here, it's macOS. Anyway, there's a launchd file that can be used