Hi all, i created an extention file in python. But...
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Hi all, i created an extention file in python. But when i try to run it, it keep throwing an error "Could not start extension process: /etc/osquery/extention.py". I have no idea whats wrong, does anybody face the same issue?
I fixed it but now i cant run it without the --allow_unsafe option even though i have changed the ownership to root.
Is the file in a directory that is not owned by root? osquery also checks to see if the file can be `rm`ed then recreated by an unprivileged user.
The reason for this is a little complicated but it comes down to a feature where osquery might "relaunch" the extension so it tries to avoid race conditions.
@theopolis sorry maybe we continue here. currently its under C:/users/Administrators/extension. should i then place it in another folder?
I'm not sure exactly since I don't use windows 😛 sorry about that.
https://osquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/deployment/extensions/ Extensions Binary Permissions
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icacls .\Extensions /setowner Administrators /t
icacls .\Extensions /grant Administrators:f /t
icacls .\Extensions /inheritance:r /t
icacls .\Extensions /inheritance:d /t
@CptOfEvilMinions I did exactly that, but i still encounter the error 😕
@theopolis haha no worries!
Can you post the error messages?
the only error is this, "Could not start extension process: /etc/osquery/extention.py". initially it was unsafe permissions, then i ran with --allow_unsafe and i got this error. In linux, i faced the same problem, after changing the file permission to 755 it work. So i suspect it might be the same problem.
@Jason NG I am confused by the error because Osquery is located at
C:\Program Files\osquery
on Windows and your error message says
. Does your config have the wrong path/Linux path?
Also per your comment above you were placing the Osquery extension at
and it should be placed in a directory named
in the Osquery folder on Windows.
@CptOfEvilMinions sorry about that, i actually cd into the folder and ran osqueryi --extension test.py --verbose --allow_unsafe and it would throw back the error "could not start extension process: test.py"
i actually followed your blogpost, eveyr single step, but it still would not start
i even tried running your script as well
Could the difference be that i am running your setup in a Windows 2019 server base instanace? @CptOfEvilMinions
hmmm. I assume the answer is yes but I just want to check. Did you run those
and the other commands in an elevated Powershell prompt?
It shouldn't matter
But I made. that blog post ~2 years ago,
@CptOfEvilMinions i setup osquery according to your blogpost again, specifically the osqueryd part where pyinstaller was used. this worked, however, another error appeared, "W0728 062103.884008 4464 interface.cpp:114] Refusing to register duplicate extension hosting_utilisation"
this doesnt crash the service, but it spikes the CPU alot. Are you familair with this error?
Not sure if the error you received is related but in the discussion section of my blog post I discuss how I observed high CPU utilization.
with an Osquery Python extension
I did not have same issue when I wrote the same extension in go tho https://holdmybeersecurity.com/2020/02/23/creating-my-second-osquery-extension-with-osquery-go/
@CptOfEvilMinions Yeah, i changed the code to go and it works fine! I guess ill use go then. haha thanks!
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