Hey folks! What's the best way to run a query from...
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Hey folks! What's the best way to run a query from the command-line against Kolide's osqueryd? For instance, I'd like to be able to interactively use osqueryi with the Kolide configuration (eventing tables, table restrictions, augeas configs, etc.) for testing & taking timing measurements.
Hey @Thomas Stromberg check out this blog article by @fritz https://www.kolide.com/blog/how-to-run-osqueryi-with-kolide-launcher-tables
There is also a new
mode which you can use to accomplish this even more easily. I need to update my blog post! 😄
As Fritz implies
/usr/local/kolide-k2/bin/launcher interactive
should work. It won’t get you the ATC configs, but that’s an unusual thing to need
if you need the ATC configs you can pass a flag to
/usr/local/kolide-k2/bin/launcher interactive
, there are details on finding the ATC configs in the article Jason posted
I've been using
launcher interactive
quite a bit for my testing. One thing I noticed in this mode is that it doesn't respect the eventing settings from Kolide:
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osquery> SELECT * FROM socket_events;
W1020 11:18:25.713606 1471864192 virtual_table.cpp:969] Table socket_events is event-based but events are disabled
W1020 11:18:25.713634 1471864192 virtual_table.cpp:976] Please see the table documentation: <https://osquery.io/schema/#socket_eve>
I see you can pass
though which helps.
That’s probably true — I don’t think interactive uses the generated config file that the normal runtime does. You can probably work around it by passing in whatever options through
hahaha. And you had just edited.
Yeah, sorry, I had just noticed the same thing 🙂
I’m just 🤣 I love seeing the tools get used. And I love hearing about the gaps