# kolide

Thomas Stromberg

10/20/2022, 4:06 PM
Any tips for debugging why events tables are not being populated on certain Linux machines? For example, The
tables are populated on half of our Linux machines running Kolide, but not the other. It sort of follows Linux distribution boundaries: • Ubuntu: Yes! • Fedora: No • Arch: Mixed • NixOS: Mixed. One machine has data in
, the other doesn't. Both seem to only record
bind calls in
One of the ones where none of the tables are populated is my personal machine, so I'm happy to investigate. Is it possible that the auditd rules installed by osquery could conflict with previously written configurations? I did check the output of
sudo journalctl -t launcher
but it didn't seem to give any indications.
I'm happy to redirect the question to #general or through the official support channels, I just wasn't sure where to begin 🙂


10/20/2022, 4:32 PM
Launcher isn’t doing anything special here — so whatever is up is going to be deeper in osquery. We can start here, though eventually you might need to land on another channel.
On linux, osquery has two different systems for events. There’s the older auditd framework, and the newer bpf one. IIRC the bpf one is only used on the tables who’s names start with bpf.
I know that auditd is a bit weird — I think linux only allows a single consumer of audit data. So I remember there’s some os level configs if you have multiple things that want that data. Might be info at
I don’t know if the bpf stuff makes more sense. We might need to add support for that in K2, not sure