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01/09/2020, 3:47 PM
Hi there, I'm developing a feature for osquery, but I cant get the whole tests suite running.
make test
runs 86 stages and take more than an hour on my laptop. Is there any way to run a limited set of tests ?
make test/fast
does not seems much quicker.


01/09/2020, 7:32 PM
A few ways that this might go faster - rent a beefy multicore VM for compilation and keep the build directory around; this will speed up the initial compilation step. Then you could copy over (or ssh in and work directly from this source) changes that you’ve made onto the VM and test changes there. After that, use
ctest --build-nocmake -V
from the build directory directly to run all the tests and
ctest --build-nocmake -V -R <some regex for your test name (or just the actually test binary name)
the only slight bummer with this is that this runs all of the tests grouped into the test binary, rather than something like a single specific test
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