hello, I'm testing osquery and I've setup an osque...
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hello, I'm testing osquery and I've setup an osquery server with Kolide Fleet. I'm trying to make osquery agent works on Windows 10 but I can't figure out what is going wrong. I have no issue with Linux nor MacOs agent but using the exact same configurations and certificate file on Windows I have the error :
Cannot read TLS server certificate(s):
. The permissions seems good and I test several possibilities. Do you know what's wrong ?
It has been installed with the msi package available on official website
I'm using the latest version 4.0.2
(thx @alessandrogario to forward my message, I didn't have the idea to see if there was a dedicated channel)
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I'm not familiar with Kolide Fleet, but the MSI should ship a cert bundle
maybe you can try to look for it (should be inside the installation folder)
then pass its path with
Is your fleet install using public certs or self signed certs?
currently I have a self signed cert and i'm using the parameter
to link to the cert file
hum, it seems there are a permissions issue. When I run
PS C:\Program Files\osquery\osqueryd> .\osqueryd.exe --tls_hostname=<http://kolide.xxx.com:8080|kolide.xxx.com:8080>
I have the error
Cannot activate filesystem logger plugin: Could not create file: \Program Files\osquery\log\osqueryd.results.log
I miss a step ? Because this is a fresh install from official msi package and I changed nothing
Is that an administrator powershell?
yes and I just figure it out that I had to put double antislash to set the paths! I deleted
file and the file have been created successfully with proper rights when I start
. I've then move the files
(the self-signed cert) and
in that
folder and the error not showing up anymore ! 🙂 Therefore my initial issue was indeed a permissions problem. Now I cannot enroll because of
Request error: certificate verify failed
. I will double check if all is good regarding that cert content
bingo! that was the encoding format that was wrong. I set it to Windows (CF LF) with Notepad++
Therefore to resume: - Permissions are very important and needs to be set precisely - Path must be set with double antislash - Encoding format must be set properly
thank you for the help ! 🙂
Hey @Jerome I am facing this same issue and i am not able to resolve it. Can you help me out
Well, my issue was old. All has been said here. Check permissions and files encoding otherwise open an issue or ask for help in the channel