# general

Adrian Hains

10/08/2019, 9:27 PM
I am investigating running osquery in a kubernetes daemonset as a privileged container. I see references to folks changing the hard coded paths like /proc to e.g. /host/proc, and mounting these from the host machine down into the container filesystem. Does anyone have an osquery fork they can point me to with these paths updated throughout the codebase?
I tried a basic search and replace to update all hard coded /proc references to /host/proc. I then deployed this build as a kubernetes daemonset with the host /proc mounted to this location. The osquery agent fails to start because it calls getpid() to get the current process pid, and then looks for info on that pid under /host/proc. The getpid() returns the pid from the process namespace of the container, so of course this isn’t found in the list of processes under /host/proc. The Linux docs ( mention that getpid() will be scoped to the current process namespace. I’m not clear on if I can use ioctl ( to get the current pid from the context of the parent namespace, or if I need to add code to evaluate /host/proc to find the current osquery process.