Hi fleet team, may i know where does fleet fetch t...
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Hi fleet team, may i know where does fleet fetch the private ip? i found we have a lot of hosts with same private ip, i doubt fleet does take loopback ip as private ip, could u confirm?
hi! this is the code we use to fetch/parse network information about the host. As a summary, we send this query:
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select ia.address, id.mac, id.interface
                        from interface_details id join interface_addresses ia
                               on ia.interface = id.interface where length(mac) > 0
                               order by (ibytes + obytes) desc
and then we do some programmatic filtering to discard link-local and loopback interfaces are you able to provide more details about the format that the problematic IPs have? Are the hosts VMs or containers by any chance?
we have a lot hosts whose private ip is which means it pick ip of carma_br0 as private ip, this is not right.
apparently, it supposed to pick eth0 as source of truth to present private ip.
@wennan.he thanks for the details! Coincidentally, I have just learned that we have a pull request that refactors this exact same code and I think it will solve your issue, let me get confirmation on that.
hi again @wennan.he, so to confirm if the current refactor of the query will fix your problem, could you run this query in any of your hosts with problems?
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    interface_addresses ia
    join interface_details id on id.interface = ia.interface
    join routes r on r.interface = ia.interface
    r.destination = ''
    and r.type = 'gateway'
order by
    instr(ia.address, '.') desc
let me try it
👋 hey @wennan.he just following up on this, were you able to run the query?
Hi roberto, i am struggling with sth else, but i will let you know after i confirm it. thx.