idk what you mean by “hang”
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idk what you mean by “hang”
when a query is made in kolide it never returns a signal
it just goes on till it eventually stops
when i run the process there all the information looks normal
to make matters worse, osquery does not do any logs
you’ll need to give more data
is this only some queries, any queries, a specific query?
and live query are not shown in logs, you should only expect them in the browser
that would be a typical behavior but that is not the case
the square book just goes in circle
i have tried two endpoints and still the same problem
is redis up?
no it was not
just check
you are right redis was the problem
man you are good
fleet has a
endpoint that will return a 500 error when redis or mysql are down. you should alert on it
where would i see that error
in the http response
well the response will be either 500 or 200
if it’s 500 the server logs will tell you why
not none of that
how would be able to fix the issue of no logging
from the end point
i have this as my config --logger_path=C:\programeData
not C:\ProgramData\osquery\log