Hey folks, I'm in favor of a 4.6.1 tag at <https:/...
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Hey folks, I'm in favor of a 4.6.1 tag at https://github.com/osquery/osquery/commit/90c981a0e9a76f87f30887dba7ce6f8c65039ce1 since the non-portability of Windows can be a show stopper. If no one opposes then I can handle the TODOs later this afternoon.
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Would be lovely if we could include the filevault and office_mru documentation fix as well. But I totally understand if you can't include those commits.
Those have been already merged 🙂
oups I misread Teddy
We have merged a pretty big refactor after 4.6.0, I'd create a new 4.6.1 branch based on the 4.6.0 tag and import the fix there rather than starting from master
So the goal is to allow people to build 4.6.1 releases from windows, who wouldn’t be building off
Feels odd given the complains that builds don’t work off the source tarballs, since the
git describe
invocation is broken
But that’s a weakly held opinion
We could also rebuild the 4.6.0 msi/zip/nupkg and set the value of
on the command line
On linux I would increment the package build revision to
but I am not sure this revision metadata exists.
I'm going to explore this route with @thor tomorrow. Seems the easiest / most sensical.
Sounds good, 👍