osquery git analysis with Hercules: the first char...
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osquery git analysis with Hercules: the first chart shows code by year and how it has survived; the second shows how many lines of code survive per author
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Dang look at that staying power from @theopolis, what a beast!
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Yeah, amazing amount of osquery written/maintained by Ted.
Cool to see how much additional contribution came from other folks starting in 2018-19 as well.
Clearly I needed to diversify my hobbies. 😉
Right, that 2019 shift brings a huge smile to my face! My guess is the effort from @Stefano Bonicatti and crew within CMake and Azure made osquery development much more accessible to others.
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Big shout out to the massive pink-striped block!
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I was going to wait until 2021 but osquery has changed name in teddyquery
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